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    Dr..I'm Rupert iPM's Editor. Chris Vallance would be too modest to say ahiyntng but he is a great asset to the programme and your early comments on our first posts were very helpful. The working title changed from The Blog Prog to iPM ( should I be telling you this? ) for the reasons that invloved trying not too sound too geeky to the audience on Radio 4 and make the link with the fact that people who bring you PM ( no i ) are the same people who bring you iPM. But accept it's not going win everyone over. What we are keen on is the ability to be as transparent as we can be about how we make the programme and how the audience can help us shape what we do, who we speak to etc. We've been asked to produce a series of programmes using this format until Christmas thereafter who knows, but I think it is a way forward and overwhelmingly the initial feedback has been good. Of course, what's most helpful is the honest stuff we've had from you and others about the blog and the programmes we make. So thanks again.

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