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    I think congratulations are very much in order. So, Congratulations!!! Very, very good.

    By the way, I first learned about your blog in a Melanie Phillips diary article.




    Whilst I am happy to offer congratulations, I am somewhat uneasy about the subject "who runs Britain".

    It strikes me that with a question like that and a predefined list of organisations to kick, they are controlling the narrative before you have even put pen to paper.

    Steve M


    James Hamilton

    Odd that they shouldn't have software, given that Nick Robinson's newsblog appears to be powered by Typepad's creators Sixapart. Rather promotes all this to a gimmick, at least in their eyes. You've nothing to worry about in the company of Ireland and Kamm - you're every bit as good a writer as they are, and have the best style of the three. My guess is that Today are going to show themselves up somewhat. Don't mention their role in the Gilligan/Kelly affair, whatever you do (cough)

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