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    Lively, no doubt. Sophisticated, maybe. Popular, probably.

    Bright? Judging from this post, I am not so sure.

    (I have absolutely no idea who you are referring to, I am just reacting to YOUR perceptions.)


    Westbankmama, I have no intention of revealing the identity of either young woman, but I consider the young woman you refer to more than my intellectual equal.

    Alf Green

    So what you gonna do Judy? Some people hate poofs. Some people hate frummers. Some people hate Jews. But what then? You didn't get round to finishing the post...


    Good point, there are far too many Jews who criticise others for antisemitism and bigotry, whilst ignoring the stereotypes they have of the wider world.

    As an secular/orthodox Jew in London, I all too often hear radical anti-arab incitement (not to mention lack of respect for gays), it is a shame that these people cannot put into practice the tolerance they expect others to have towards them.

    Moving to Israel soon I expect things to be much the same, I have found most Secular/Religious Israelis to have very clear stereotypes on Religious/Secular people - usually without having met very many of them for very long.

    Good luck in the JIB awards, i voted for you - my blog was also nominated but my webhost dissapeared so I lost most of my posts and no longer deserve the nomination....


    Judy - number one, I thought you were speaking about the same woman in both instances. Really. People who come from religious backgrounds don't always stay that way. And sometimes people who are otherwise worldly and sophisticated are afflicted with homophobia. And sometimes those of us who are observant are not afflicted with homophobia.

    Anyway, I did not want you to refer to them by name - I couldn't care less. But my original point still stands - labeling a whole group of people one way because of innate or acquired prejudice is stupid - even if you can use multi-syllabic words to do so.


    Alf: my post is complete. I like to leave further thoughts to my readers.

    Westbankmama: I prefer to see labelling groups of people as irrational and potentially dangerous rather than stupid. The expression of hatred/irrational resentment is in all three of the stories socially determined anyway. Each of the tellers felt secure in articulating their particular views to an audience, and I think felt they had the sympathy of their own reference group behind them.

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