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    » Jew censorship from Stephen Pollard
    It's not just the French authorities who are blind to the possible (probable?) anti-semitism behind the murder of Ilan Halimi. The Observer doesn't even see fit to mention that the victim was Jewish. Then again, it's not alone. The BBC... [Read More]

    » More on the Ilan Halimi Murder from An Unsealed Room
    Judy pointed me to this article in Liberation which quotes the French police explaining why the kidnapping and murder of Ilan Halimi doesn't appear to be anti-Semitic (the original French and her translation): «Ce qui fait agir, ce n'est pas... [Read More]



    A deeply disturbing story, but given that it was Paris, 1,000 people marching does not sound that many. The uproar should have been far more vocal.

    Steve M

    Very upsetting and worrying.

    Steve M

    Perhaps it's better that this has not been publicised as an anti-semitic attack or even that the victim was Jewish. Who knows how many copy-cat attacks could have been sparked?

    John bull

    Not exactly a suprise is it? Given the refusal of the EU to publish their findings regarding the rise of anti semitism in Europe it's plain to see they don't want the bad publicity. That mentality predates the riots in Paris.


    Judging by the victim's last name, he came from a family of Jews of North African origin. The media also ignores the large number of North African Jews in France. They are especially vulnterable as they are hated for being Jews and for their North African origins. They are hated by the French and by the Muslim immigrants.

    It's hard to believe that someone could say that it wasn't antisemitism they just thought that "Jews equal money". They would have to believe that all Jews are rich which is a classic antisemitic stereotype.


    na, islam is not anti-semetic. no history of it at all.


    John Bull: "The media also ignores the large number of North African Jews in France. They are especially vulnterable as they are hated for being Jews and for their North African origins. "

    Absolute horseshit. I live in France; the French-Jewish community is fully integrated and the largest outside New York and Israel. They are not hated as you say.
    Also, why would the police suggest anti-semitic motives so early in the investigation ? In what conceivable way would that help anything ?
    Come on people, keep a perspective.

    chevalier de st george

    Yes of course Zorro
    and the Jews who were sent to Drancy on their way to Auschwitz were the same, no?
    This was not an antisemtic act simply the redistribution of their assumed wealth for the good of the French people. No antisemetism there, move on,move on.


    It's more tragical Ilan Halimi is dead because of the stereotypes like the Jews have much money, are rich and have influence :s


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