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    Mazal tov! I am so very happy for you and your daughter. This is much-deserved happiness.

    Michel Ehrlich

    Mazel tov!


    Mazel tov!


    Congratulation to your daughter, Undoubtedly it is much deserved happiness and what a wonderful day it was.. Though some of the photos are not very clear, but we could clearly sees the happiness in your daughters face.


    Mazal Tov - one can feel the radiant joy of the occassion!

    charlie woods

    Mazeltov to you all....I enjoy this blog and wondered if readers of this would be interested in visiting my blog which is still relatively new and is called 'An Unrepentant Communist' Warm greetings to you all from Ireland...


    Whilst I appreciate Luke may seek to matniain as many spies in as many pies as possible, the fact that he remains in a titanic struggle with John Spellar and Maggie Cosin to prove himself the greatest opponent of the CLGA slate means he is perhaps not the best person to look for a CLGA update...As Peter Kenyon notes himself, there are no membership organisation quotas - so the fact supportive organisations of the CLGA nominate certain individuals does not mean they all make the final slate...and also means there may be other names emerging...

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