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    What's that old saying -- the further the political pendulum swings one way, the further it will swing back the other? So now it has come to pass that three of Europe's most influential governments are led by people from the political centre, two of whom definitely don't buy into the notion of the Palestinians as hapless victims of Israeli hegemony and racism. I just hope that it's not too late to avert a major conflict that could take untold lives arising from Iran's nuclear ambitions.


    Don't hold your breath. The EU is still very much tied to the idea that once a Palestinian state is established, all will be well. They like the US are putting all their eggs into the Mahmoud Abbas basket, without taking on the consequences of what will happen if everything they have given him falls into the hands of Hamas should there be a coup on the West Bank.

    Iran is still run by people not very responsive to external threats and pressuring because they believe in martyrdom and an imminent messiah figure appearing on the scene any time now.


    What if Obama's view is that Israel is acting like a shit and if he were to say so now, it would make Israel's acotins worse in Gaza before Obama gets in office? I think it's possible that he is holding back because he doesn't want to make a bad situation worse by speaking out now. But I could be wrong.I also think that there must be a line where a President-elect doesn't effectively tell a sitting Prez what to do. Where that line is admittedly difficult to determine. But foreign policy is mostly an executive branch function and domestic/economic policy is less so. So Obama is sending messages to Congress about the economy but not to Bush about foreign policy. It's a fuzzy matter, I admit, but that might be the kind of distinction Obama is working w/.

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