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    Paul Evans

    I think that Lesbian Pole Dancing may attract quite the wrong crowd if they were to stage it in Finchley.

    If you are a member of David Lloyd in Finchley, I wouldn't mention LPD to the management there - they appear to go for almost any stupid idea to increse their membership. When they started putting belly-dancing shows on it was the final straw for me.

    On the subject of dress codes, you may enjoy The Religious Policeman's interview with the Saudi Tourism Ministry - scroll down for the reference to topless sunbathing.


    I'm not a member of David Lloyd Finchley....

    I wonder what the wrong LPD crowd is in the context of Finchley?

    I am a great fan of Saudi TV programs as shown on MEMRI so I may check out your ref


    Paul Evans

    By 'wrong crowd' I mean 'not lesbians'. I think if there was a LPD event in - say - Kentish Town, most of the audience would be lesbians.

    In Finchley, we're a bit more suburban I reckon. There'd be a few more sight-seers in the audience.


    Paul-- you may or may not be right about this. I promise you that a month or two ago, I saw a very together looking young woman walking down Lichfield Grove wearing a "How dare you presume I'm heterosexual?" slogan emblazoned on her T-shirt. I haven't seen anyone wearing one of those -- even in Kentish Town-- even in Hackney-- since the 1980s. Of course, she could have been a philosopher or social psychologist interested in testing people's mental constructs...

    Paul Evans

    No. She was someone who was stopping at my house. She's dyslexic. She asked me for the loan of a t-shirt. I told her that it said 'my mum went to Finchley and all she got me was this lousy t-shirt'.


    Clearly, the state of dyslexia in Finchley is even worse than I'd imagined. I blame the teacher trainers...

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