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    Canadian Headhunter

    The article is anti-wall and anti-checkpoint. But it stresses that economic stability for the Palestinians is crucial to peace.

    There's dispute about that. In fact, the common complaint among supporters of Israel is that Arafat stole the money intended for the development of Palestine's economy and infrastructure and used it to dole out patronage.

    Inotherwords, Bella Freud's trip is not necessarily the ridiculous smear job you suggest it is based on the information you've given us.

    Good luck with the blog.


    Dear Headhunter

    If you read the article, I think Bella's words on things Israeli speak for themselves. As does the history given by Deborah Orr

    I take your point about the issue of Arafat's theft. That doesn't excuse the malicious take presented on Israel in her article.

    Good Shabbos


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