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    I notice that the 'reporter' has a Jewish name - the type of Jew whom the BBC loves to employ.


    And of course further proof that every time Israel makes any move towards peace (e.g. by leaving Gaza) it is simply followed up by condemnation of somehing else.


    "I notice that the 'reporter' has a Jewish name"

    I'm pretty sure he's not Jewish.

    BTW, a really great post. I'm not surprised Melanie Phillips picked it up.


    Brilliant post. True to the last word.


    Thanks for the comments everyone

    Good shabbos all



    "I'm pretty sure he's not Jewish"

    You're right -- He's a Muslim:


    Excellent post. I linked to you on the strength of it. Sometimes it's enough to drive one to despair!


    Rottypup, that's a really smart piece of googling. That link is really worth reading. Though I do wonder if Mr Asser might have been Jewish before he became a Muslim-- his article does coyly hint at something unusual about his history.

    David-- thanks. I've enjoyed visiting your blog


    This is an email I got from the BBC after a complaint...

    Dear Sir

    The article in question - "Israeli Arabs fear for the future"
    ( - should be seen in
    the context of other articles which focus on a particular community
    caught up in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it is therefore a
    mistake to describe it as a "selective" or "biased" analysis, as some
    BBC users have done.

    Beit Safafa is a useful microcosm to provide insight into Israeli-Arab
    and Palestinian viewpoints and is well known for the good relations
    which its inhabitants maintained with their Israeli neighbours.

    It is a matter of genuine interest to reveal, as the research for this
    article does, how the sands have been shifting between the various
    communities. The views presented were a fair and accurate reflection of
    those of the inhabitants the reporter spoke to in the village.

    Some users have complained that the article does not spend time
    enumerating the advantages or rights enjoyed by Arab citizens of Israel.
    This is because it is the view of the inhabitants, reflected in the
    article, that they were losing those advantages and facing new threats,
    which was a much more pressing concern for them.

    Thanks for your interest in the BBC News website.

    BBC News Website


    Dear Jonny

    Typical BBC response. But you can take it further if you're not happy with this brush off. Firstly, did you know that that response will have been written by either the reporter concerned or the website news editor? In other words, no independent mediator will have been involved. This is simply the offenders defending themselves. When I last heard, he was a Mr Tariq Kafala. You can write to the BBC Complaints unit and say you are not satisfied with the response, and wish the complaint to be taken to the next level up. If you can relate your points of complaint to the BBC Charter (balance, bias etc) that helps. There are plenty of good points to be made. Good luck, if you do take it further. And if you do, keep us posted.

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