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    Great post. Spot on, if I may say so.

    How strange it is that when the BBC (and most others) write about the "eye for an eye" principle in the Bible, they leave out, whether because of ignorance or by design, the fact that Jewish law clearly interprets the phrase to mean monetary damages, not physical mutilation.


    Thank you, Rahel. Not only the BBC but the Church of England regularly spreads this misunderstanding of what Jewish law means. The BBC should not plead ignorance-- it does have a Charter and legal requirements to follow, and the Church of England has no excuse, since its ministers have to study scriptures. But I do think that traditionally, Christianity needed to "prove" that it superceded Judaism, so Judaism was routinely portrayed as bloodthirsty, vengeful, obsessed with money, cruel etc etc. Guess where those qualities are regularly portrayed today?


    "Mr Butcher's exact words were "But does the Old Testament say something about the sins of the father being visited on his offspring?"

    Is myy take on this is that he is attempting to use the crucifiction as justification for Israel's suffering correc?


    Cynic-- in the context of what he is talking about here, I doubt it. What I think is clear in the context is that he wants to cite it to suggest that it's actually Jewish law that has created the Arab practice of killing sons for the sins of their fathers. But of course Jewish law specifically forbids this.


    Fabulous job of taking both the correspondent and the BBC to task. Well done/Kol Hakavod!

    Kosher Holiday

    Where Israel is concerned, the BBC is in breach of all or most of the guidelines set forth in its Agreement with the Government to which its material must conform. These guidelines include, inter alia, issues such as fairness, respect for truth, due accuracy, attachment to fundamental democratic principles, not broadcasting their own opinions on current affairs or matters of public policy, ensuring that opposing views are not misrepresented, and ensuring that the audience would not be able to gauge reporters' personal views.

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