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    Ahh yes my daily injection of hate


    Perhaps you'd care to clarify that, Jeremy. The authorities here seem to be full of comical blame and self-justification rather than hate. On the other hand, the Hamas boys could be seen as lending a hand, though in a somewhat more dramatic way than we're used to seeing on the streets of Belfast these day.


    Adloyada: your post was exactly what I was thinking for my own blog. Exactly what came on my mind when I read that the Palestinians were blaming us (I am Israeli) for something that was obviously their fault. (and Egyptian's).

    It is already pathetic. I hope many more of this nonsense is uttered by the Palestinians in the coming days, so people will finally understand all the bullshit that was thrown upon us during these last five years. Five? I guess more...


    Jeremy: just go away. Nobody is interested in your nonsense, and your evassions to the answers that were posted to you in HP already made you [in]famous.


    I believe Jeremy is looking for the Daily Kos; a lot more hate there! Suits you, sir!

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