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    You forget to mention the UK and USA using cluster bombs in Iraq and all the "collateral damage" there for some odd reason Judy...
    Maybe we could discuss Iraqi deaths too here for a bit of balance, you know? Or like those WMD, which were supposedly the main reason we went there in the first place?


    Another thing confuses me. What does Iran's policies have to do with apologising for invading Iraq under false pretexes and killing thousands of people?


    This post and this thread are not about discussing the issues of the Iraq War, Al Hack. It's a post about the views expressed by the Bishops about collective apology to Muslims for the war.

    Iran is mentioned by the Bishops, not by me. Your comment here isn't relevant to this post.


    Well, Al Hack if, you want to raise the question of WMD, what was Saddam doing with nuclear centrifuges - mixing cocktails?

    Hans Blix, the patron saint of stoppers is on record as saying of Saddam: "[The Iraqis] didn't mind the suspicion from the neighbors — it was like hanging a sign on the door saying 'Beware of the dog' when you don't have a dog,"

    So if he was doing his best to persuade us he had WMD when the sanctions were in place to prevent that, is it not then reasonable that the Allies should oust the tyrant?

    As for deaths in Iraq, well the current winners on that score are the terrorists for which Al Hack is such an effective mouthpiece. Given that the death toll under Saddam was into the millions (if you count the dead of the Iran-Iraq War) and the best the stoppers can do is come up with the seriously flawed Lancet paper, then I'd have said your chances of living in Iraq and surviving to old age are pretty good compared with how things were three years ago.

    Al Hack, you seem to enjoy the freedoms to spout whatever rubbish you like, which is your right in a free society. Good on you.

    Why do you object to your co-religionists having the same freedoms?


    Well, so many Christians live as dhimmi people under Muslim regimes that Richard Harries and his fellow Anglican bishops probably don't think there's much to lose in a few more dhimmis in Britain ...




    Wow Paulinus, you make a lot of assumptions don't you? I ask about the missing WMD and suddenly I'm a terrorist sympathiser and killer. Hey why don't you add child-molestor to that list and just get it over with? Not that anyone will bat an eyelid... asking a question simply invites all sort of abuse these days. Hehe.

    You also ask:
    "Well, Al Hack if, you want to raise the question of WMD, what was Saddam doing with nuclear centrifuges - mixing cocktails"

    I don't know, why don't you ask the American and British govts that were selling Saddam the weapons before he attacked Kuwait and while he was fighting with Iran.

    Infact, going by the Iran-contra scandal, I do believe the west should be asking a bit more on how Iran actually built such weapons technology. The answer might surprise you :)


    Al Hack I make the following assumptions:

    If you make smart-arsed comments on this blog about the war in Iraq, cluster bombs, WMD, Iran with a subtext of being against the war and the removal of Saddam I assume you either a) supported Saddam's gangsterism or b) didn't support it but couldn't be arsed doing anything about it. By default both positions make YOU complicit in keeping him in power and since he harboured Abu Nidal and paid bounties to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers, you therefore are a mouthpiece for terrorism, de facto.

    To say I called you a killer or a child molestor makes you sound a bit hysterical.

    If you want to post on blog like Judy's, try to sound like an adult rather than a petulant child ("call me a child molestor", indeed!)

    If you post, don't assume you can post rubbish unchallenged.


    Saddam's weapons mainly came from Russia and France. Not that this makes much difference. If I armed the guy it makes me doubly responsible for disarming him.

    The problem with the Anglican statement is that it tends to reinforce the idea that the West is conducting a campaign against Islam as a whole. An apology implies that the Islamists accusations are correct. It therefore will strengthen the hand of terrorists rather than undermine it.

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