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    Juan Golblado

    Very interesting. Great blog. Eric did us a favour by recommending it.


    Thank you, Juan!

    Grandma Lausch

    "...journalists should have their material translated independently".

    Indeed. An independent translation would have made redundant Livingstone's efforts to pass al-Qaradawi as a 'moderate' and MEMRI reports as 'Zionist propaganda'. Clearly, the Mayor knows that MEMRI is a highly reliable source and uses insinuations and circular references to exonerate his Islamist cronies


    "Memri is regularly criticised for selective translation."

    It is amusing to read this as MEMRI offers the full video, transcript or press article along with the translation to those requesting it.
    Israeli TV makes use of MEMRI and it transmits the audio/printed image with subtitles/translation and it would be immediately obvious to a large segment of the population fluent in Arabic.


    Oh, Cynic, let's not spoil the fun with devastating evidence like that shall we? I mean, those poor conspiracy theorists are only trying to make a killing.....

    michael last

    Is Livingstone making the suggestion that MEMRI is selective in the articles it translates from arabic to english or is he claiming that the translations themselves are suspect and inaccurate?
    He may have a point if it's the former.


    Michael, Ken claims the translations are inaccurate. That derives from a claim by Juan Cole that one key word in one article was misleadingly translated:

    However, no other evidence has been published of similar mistranslations. Harry's Place has repeatedly demonstrated that the translations published on Qaradawi's own English language site are equally damning.

    But he also makes use of the attack by the Guardian's Middle East editor, Brian Whittaker, who claims that (a) MEMRI is an Israeli intelligence led operation and (b) it cherry picks atypical articles to give the most negative possible impression.,7792,773258,00.html

    However, no-one has yet produced any convincing body of counter evidence, ie lots of liberal let's-be-friends-with-Israel, let's-develop-more-pluralist-Palestinian-political-culture articles. Brian Whittaker runs an "Arab Gateway" web site, Al-Bab, which is partly paid for by the Yemeni government.

    Whitaker in January published a story stating that Hizb u'Tahrir and its journal Al Khalifa were harmless objects of fun. Did he know that his then colleague Dilpazier Aslam was a member of HuT who was writing for Ak?,,1386985,00.html


    Well at least you've been a loyal Labour man Luke unlike the ghltsay mob at Harry's Place. Disagree with your analysis about triangulation, the local elections in the rest of the country had that and we got smashed, far, far worse than in London.

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