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    Well I still like you, and I dare say I will go on liking you, and very much enjoying your blog. Looking forward to reading the rest.


    It took courage to say that, and I salute you for it. It needs to be said. If more people looked upon marriage as taking on a considerable responsibility towards another human being, rather than an expectation of indulgence, there might be fewer divorces.


    Lioness -- thank you, I can do with all the being liked I can get. But it isn't of course the same as what I have to say pleasing you or anyone else. But I'm glad you like the blog, and I hope you enjoy part 2, which is now up.

    Stephen-- thanks.

    Good Shabbos


    Joanne Gerber

    In that group photo around the table, I could swear that the woman at the far left looks a lot like Queen Elizabeth.

    Angela Mason

    Hi, I just want to congratulate you on your positive and balanced views , particularly regarding Israel. I am not Jewish, [although my grandparents were], but I am sick and tired of biased reporting by the BBC - I can't believe how many of my friends believe the ' big, bad Israel' lie!


    devora friedman

    Hi. I didn't get a chance to read through all your article, but it looked lovely.

    Regarding inconsistencies (Yiddish, Hebrew etc.) Feldheims editor once told me to play it by ear even in the same paragraph. Even if I was using words such as Psalms in order to identify quotes, he said, I can still use the word Tehillim - in the very same paragraph, when describing how my Bubby would daven Tehillim every day. He said, you never see a Bubby - or even a grandmother - reciting Psalms. Only Tehillim. Sometimes you see many supposed inconsistencies in one paragraph even in Artscroll books. Tat's the way i goes. (I don't know Yiddish, but I guess that would be be "Azoi geit)!

    Debbie Friedman (and Devora, depending on whom I am addressing.)

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