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    Brett Lock

    Hehehehe - you think *that's* bad. If you ever find yourself in Jo'burg, ask a local about Parktown Prawns! They are the spawn of beezlebub.

    Grown men scream and leap onto tables to escape.

    And it's fodder for satire:



    Now you've pretty well killed off the lingering interest I had to see Jo'burg. And I see yet another reason to be intensely grateful to the laws of kashrus that prevent me from trying any dish with prawns in....

    Brett Lock

    Actually, it isn't really a prawn - it's more 'scientific' name is a "King Cricket" and as far as I know, it's kosher. ;-)

    Typically they're about 2 inches long, can jump, bite and smell awful if crushed. They like to come in out of the rain, and next to car-jacking they're the one thing I'm most happy to have left behind.

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