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    If you want a device that makes Yiddish comments when you make a wrong turn, you can borrow my wife.


    It's because of comments like yours that I believe all married couples should invest in a satellite navigator. Even one without the benefit of Yiddish.

    I have a little satellite navigator card which slots into my Palm, links to its bluetooth transmitter and does a brilliant job. It's taken me all over England and around the most obscure streets and byways of London.

    I don't have an unappreciative husband or a marriage to keep in line, but it does make my life an awful lot more serene.

    Jay Singh


    But does your Sat Nav System come with Yiddish wisecracks? Now that would make driving fun. As it is, my Sat Nav is rather boring, and could be made much more entertaining with the addition of a few choice Punjabi expletives - voice software should be able to do it - my father, who couldnt navigate himself from one end of a straight road to another - could do this particular voiceover. Imagine the fun you would have - deliberately take a wrong turning and get an earful from the computer. Personally, even though I dont understand a word of Yiddish, I would defintely go for a Jackie Mason option if available - when you take a right turn instead of a left, it goes - "What are you, a schmuck?"

    I see a huge market opening up here.

    Don Radlauer

    Satellite navigator cards, huh? Here in Israel, we don't need anything so complicated. All we need is a simple rule: If the road signs are all in Arabic, make a U-turn! Between that and the ocean, how lost can you get?


    Believe me, Don, I can get lost driving in Israel any old time, and did so quite a few times when I last drove there in 2003--actually it was also the first time I'd dared to try.

    Examples: All the streets in Even Yehuda looked the same to me.

    And I didn't manage to find the Jerusalem Mall, despite about half an hour of concerted effort, even with my unfortunate daughter cast in the role of trying to help me with a map.

    But I think Israelis like their lives just that little bit risky and operatic, so that's why satnavs might not sell. Still, I could imagine a satnav with some really rich street Hebrew on it, which kicks in when you slam on the emergency brakes, roll down the window, and give a fellow driver the benefit of your opinions....


    I think the reason satellite navigators haven't taken off in gadget-besotted Israel is that it eliminates the joy of rolling down your window and asking directions of other drivers or pedestrians. Another opportunity for human interaction!

    I was introduced to this method of navigation when I bought my first car as an olah chadash. After he ascertained that I planned to drive alone most of the time, the salesman advised me to get automatic windows as a navigation aid.


    Well, savtadotty, I imagine you're still driving. So maybe rolling down windows can work...Personally, I love my satnav to bits. It's improved my relationship with myself no end.

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