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    Excellent site. Just found you via Melanie Phillips blog.

    I've sent you an email with a couple of links to other blogs who expose bias in the British media.

    I've also blogrolled you on my blog under the heading "UK Media Watch".

    "Can we now look forward to seeing the Guardian print a full apology and correction?"

    Not likely.

    Keep up the good work.

    USS Neverdock

    Steve M

    Congratulations on your blog and welcome to the blogosphere. I was directed this way by Melanie's blog but when Norm recommended you as well I knew I'd have to take notice. I'm glad that I did.

    Mind you, 10 posts in just 3 days - shouldn't you be in the kitchen preparing chopped liver?


    Ah yes, Mel.

    Like Mel, you don't like the BBC much do you?

    Gosh, how did Mel's hubby Joshua Rosenburg ever work for them, hey?

    Privatize the buggers, that's what I say.

    Murdochize them, they'll bloody well toe the line then!



    First of all, great blog! Congratulations on it and on the attention you are so quickly getting.

    Don't be so hard on David Hirsch and the other Engageniks. Yes, some of what David says might, in isolation, sound like standard leftist Israel-vilification, but you need to look at the whole picture. Israel and Jews everywhere need allies on the Left because that is where most British and European anti-Semitism comes from these days. Engage is one of the few places where unabashed, undisguised Lefties have made it their business to fight anti-Semitism on the Left. That gives them a credibility with all the fashionable Lefty anti-Semites that others can never have. What more you could ask for? I don't count myself as a Lefty at all and much of what the Left says and does apalls me, but battling resurgent anti-Semitism and Israel-hatred is important enough to me that if I have to tolerate a little bit of what looks to me like standard Lefty boilerplate in order to be supportive of an effort aimed at stopping the Sue Blackwells and Mona Bakers and Ken Livingstones of this world, then I'm happy to do so. I, too, disagree with David's characterisation of Israel as "racist" -- and I say so -- but that doesn't make me feel any need to belittle him or Engage. (And who knows, maybe he's even doing it consciously so as not to lose his Lefty creds and with them his effectiveness.) You write that Engage "claims" to have led the fight against the AUT boycott of Israeli Universities. That's ungenerous. Everyone knows that the founders of Engage did lead that effort, and very effectively too. One shouldn't judge someone only by certain of their words while ignoring their deeds. And the world isn't black and white. (Do I need to tell a Jew that?! ;)

    Shabbat Shalom,



    Marc-- thank you very much for the kind words. I'll reciprocate.

    Steve M-- Young man, didn't your mother teach you manners? As it happens I am just finishing making my (modesty forbids I should tell you about how good it is) vegetarian chopped liver befoe Shabbos. And didn't you know Jewish mammas invented multi-tasking. I mean, have you never read Eshes Chayil, or something? Feh!

    Benjamin-- Young man, didn't your mother teach you manners? Her name is Melanie.

    Michel--Thanks for the extended comment. I'll reply further after Shabbos.

    Good Shabbos all


    Don Radlauer

    Interesting thread - this looks like a great (and very well written) blog in general, and I've added you to my list of blog-links.

    I've got an essay on this topic on my own blog, looking at it specifically from a counter-terrorism perspective. It's at (or, so save some cut-and-paste, )


    -Don Radlauer
    Alfei Menashe, Israel
    (formerly of Weybridge, Surrey)


    Don-- thanks

    I've already encountered your interesting blog, and enjoyed your newest post on post-intifada speak.

    Michel-- I haven't forgotten my commitment to respond, but I'm now going to work it into a freestanding post. That'll take a day or two.


    I'm looking forward to it!

    Stephen Newton

    In what sense does Shalom Lappin demolish this story?

    Shalom invites us to compare and contrast the Guardian piece with this article in Haaretz:

    When we do that we find that none of the facts are in dispute. Most importantly Haaretz reports, ‘In Shfaram the murderer was a Jewish soldier, and therefore is not considered a member of enemy forces’

    So Haaretz agrees that under Israeli law Jewish soldiers cannot be terrorists. Haaretz reports allegations by Arab members of the Knesset that Arabs have suffered, ‘Jewish terror - performed against them from nationalistic and racist motives’. These serious allegations are missing from the Guardian report (pro-Israeli bias?).

    However, the big difference is that Haaretz leads on a demand from Sharron’s office that the law be reviewed by the attorney general. Read on and we find that Sharron’s office (not Sharron himself) are responding to Arab demands that the law, ‘recognize as victims of terror anyone hurt from “hostile activities by a terror organization,” and not just those hurt by “organizations hostile to Israel.”’

    This review is a concession, but Haaretz makes clear that Sharron has not endorsed the proposed change in the law so it is of no real consequence. In any case, demanding a review from one’s own government may be seen as an admission that, as it stands, the law may be racist.

    In any case, with none of the facts in dispute, the Guardian piece stands.


    "So Haaretz agrees that under Israeli law Jewish soldiers cannot be terrorists."

    Well, given that we are talking here about a specific law, the law governing compensation from the National Insurance Institute, I don't think anyone disputes that. The point is the way in which this fact is presented.

    "However, the big difference is that Haaretz leads on a demand from Sharron’s [sic] office that the law be reviewed by the attorney general."

    Well, that's exactly the point, isn't it? The Guardian's piece makes it seem as if the current law has recently been put in place by the Government, supposedly at the behest of Sharon. Thus Ha'Aretz's piece shows at once this to be a lie: the law has been in place for some time, and Sharon is trying to get it changed. (As Israel is not a dictatorship, he cannot simply change laws by fiat).

    "Read on and we find that Sharron’s office (not Sharron himself)..."

    Oh come on. Are you seriously suggesting that there is a distinction between the statements and actions of the office of a prime minister, and the statements and actions of the prime minister himself?

    "Haaretz makes clear that Sharron [sic] has not endorsed the proposed change in the law so it is of no real consequence. "

    So the Prime Minister presses the Justice Minister for an urgent review of the law, following which the Attorney-General is ordered to formulate an amendment to the law, yet it's clear to you that Sharon does not endorse the proposed change? What does he need to do to satisfy you, draft the amendment himself in his own blood? And once again, Israel is a parliamentary democracy, unlike her neighbours, and thus changes to the law are made through the democratic process. Sorry if this doesn't fit in with your prejudices.


    I don't know how big the state you live in is but unless it's a state that's the size of (a medium-sized) European family, the head of state is NOT going to review everything.

    Not even all the really, really important stuff.

    He will ask his staffers (or office) to do it.

    So when you hear that such and such's country's head of state's office is doing this or that or the other thing it's the functional equivalent of the head of state is doing it.

    Unless (as I said) you happen to live in a country the size of a postage stamp.



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