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    Jay Singh

    I have some horror stories to tell about intimidation of Sikh students on a University campus in London by Islamist organisations.

    If the BNP had a large presence on campus and was intimidating ethnic minority students there would be no hesitation to crackdown - in the same way I would like to see all Universities taking steps to confront these organisations wherever they appear to prevent what is a significant blight upon student life and a threat to the atmosphere of amicable mixing and open intellectual and social exchange and communal relations on our campuses.


    Jay, it would be interesting to learn more of the intimidation of the Sikh students you mention. In the context of this post, I would be particularly interested to know if they felt the university authorities and particularly, the lecturers' unions, were suppportive of them.

    Is there an organization of Sikh students (I would imagine there is), and has it produced any information or advice on this issue?

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