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    What an astute post, and a great new blog Adloyada. Thanks.

    I read Mr Ali's paper to his mandarins with great interest, and noted the unattributed slur on MEMRI. Perhaps one of the critics he meant was our own "Gorgeous" George Galloway. He repeatedly interrupted another panellist on a recent Any Questions when she referred to a MEMRI source, shouting "But It's ISRAELI!" In the end Jonathan Dimbleby had to stop him, by saying that "it is conceivable and we're not going to resolve it here that it is both on an Israeli website and it's an accurate translation." The transcript is available on the BBC website.


    Thank you, Huldah. Actually, the critic he most likely drew on was Ken Livingstone, whose response here

    includes this:

    This is taken from one of the main sources for the dossier, the very well-funded Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which was set up by a former senior officer in Israel’s military intelligence service and which specialises in finding quotes from Arab media for circulation in the West. The translation and selection of quotes tend to portray Islam in a very negative light.

    It may seem difficult to take such material seriously, but in some respects the approach of MEMRI, echoed in the dossier, is reminiscent of the various anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. This can be seen very easily if one simply substitutes the words ‘Jewish’ and ‘Judaism’ for ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islam’ throughout the dossier.

    This expensively produced response was paid for by us Londoners....

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