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    Sorry, I forgot what "troll" means. What is it?

    P.S. A very funny post. And how true! By the way, these "rules" seem to apply not just to blogs, but often to newspaper and magazine commentators, as well.


    A troll is someone who deliberately posts outrageously provocative stuff, in relation to the usual tenor of the blog in question, in order to wind up the usual posters.

    You may have noticed the impact of a couple of those on this post at On the Face:


    A troll is one who makes deliberately insulting or inflammatory posts in the hope of getting a similar response, or of starting a flame war. Responding to one is called "feeding the troll" and is to be discouraged, because the best way to deal with them is to ignore them (like badly behaved children). The term may stem from the angling practice of trolling, in which bait or lures are made to move through the water by dragging them behind a moving boat; this causes some fish to take the bait more readily.


    Although I sometimes picture trolls as bad-tempered creatures who sit under the bridge of the discussion, trying to attack people as they engage in discourse above.

    Family Cohen Jerusalem

    Does your daughter need somewhere to eat on Rosh Hashanah?

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