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    Hi Judy,

    I feel a bit honoured here that you've decided to dedicate another post in response to my rantings against erm, your rantings. But let's thrash this out anyway.

    1) You say:
    "they allowed a blatantly false description" - Well, I guess Holocaust day is primarily concerned with the genocide of Jews by Hitler, even though other groups also died, so I think the description might be technically misleading but not broadly inaccurate. I guess it depends on how you see it.

    2) On Abul himself.
    Firstly, the point about Eastern Eye is largely redundant.

    The point about Faith Freedom is this. His questioning isn't really partisan or that "shocking" if you consider that he may be trying to find out the motivation behind why that site was set up.
    Look, I follow quite a few sites set up by people to slander those of other religions. Within the Asian community these are dime a dozen. If you want on a vehemently anti-Jewish site, I doubt you would want to sit there and have a friendly chat with the person who runs it, so why aren't you giving Abul the same leeway?

    I don't anyone who could see that line of questioning as something an Islamist would do. The latter would go on there and start cursing the man straight out.

    A few weeks ago we saw young kids in the Gaza strip calling Israeli soldiers 'Nazis' for turfing them out. Would you call those people terrorist-supporters too for using such slurs?

    That brings me on to another point. You likened this to the Dilpazier Aslam controversy. That automatically suggests not only that you believed Abul Taher was a right-wing terrorist supporter, but also that he was part of some right-wing political group while working at a national paper. Those sorts of accusations get people into trouble and you clearly made it in a slightly smug fashion as if you had caught out another mole of some kind. That is what annoyed me the most about your post I think, and made me laugh that Abul could be compared to someone from Hizb ut Tahrir.

    3) You say:
    "but it is one more balancing site than your own critique of my post provides."
    I don't need to prove any websites to back up an argument here, I'm not using facts but simple logic and reason. Nevertheless, it doesn't detract from the fact that overall, on this site, citing one website that says the BBC is pro-Israeli, while the rest of your posts suggest otherwise, is some example of balance.

    4) You say:
    "Nor do I think the Board of Deputies has a victim mentality. For example, it has done very valuable work in co-operation with Muslim groups on the issue of religiously prescribed approaches to the slaughter of animals for food, and has advised those groups on community security and other issues"

    You can say the same about the MCB. But I don't trust them as far as I can throw them. Most Muslims don't see the MCB as having a victim mentality either, believe it or not. If we can set some benchmark for this, I'm happy to compare.

    5) You say:
    "Yes, I do accept they are genuine. I loathe them, but I would not dream of writing up comments on their sites, or posting emails to them, making the sort of comments Mr Taher felt the need to make."

    That doesn't suggest that Abul is an Islamist as you say. He could be asking those questions for an interview, as this page suggests:

    Either way, it certainly wasn't a long rant promising to kill the guy - that is what an Islamist would do. So let's face it, you made a mountain out of a molehill.

    kind regards
    Al Hack


    Ok, having read through that and not bothered to preview it, I see I've made quite a few typos and missed out a few words. Apologies for that, I blame insominia. I hope it makes sense, otherwise I can clarify.

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