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    The showing of such shows no longer surprises, at least me. However, the intervention of the Jordanian government is, so far as I know, fairly unusual.


    I am no longer surprised when I read what occurs in the Middle East. Hate is definitely in the air. I would like to think that the Jordanian government had the right motives rather than the motive merely to please the US.


    What intrigues me is that nobody questions what matzos would look like if they contained blood.
    I suppose in the Moslem world people are so oppressed as not to question anything; but all those so called intelligent and erudite westerners?



    For myself I am just happy they DID pull it. One of the marks of civilization is knowing when to be embarrassed. By pulling the show, the Jordanian government has demonstrated that it (unlike say the Iranian government) knows this.



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