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    What's your view on Daniel Pipes?

    I only ask because he is routinely slagged off at Harry's Place. Whenever I read an article he always seems fairly reasonable - he has a view but he always quotes his critics as well.


    I find that Daniel Pipes sources his writing well. It appears to be based on reasonable scholarly research. Harry's Place tends to take a similarly critical view of Melanie Phillips, but I have found both quoted as sources on HP.

    I think HP prefers to have sources which are not perceived to be right wing.

    It's also the case that Pipes comes to conclusions on global Islamist intentions that HP doesn't sign up to. Their focus is usually on the Islamists of the UK.

    The Iranian President has obligingly provided Daniel Pipes with plenty of corroboration, but of course to any long term watcher of Iranian anti-zionist politics will know that their exterminate-Israel policy is really nothing new. What has had far too little attention is their statement that they intend to use Palestinian terror groups as their proxies. They do after all fund quite a lot of them.

    Peter Nolan


    In the first place, I wouldn't describe the Council on Foreign Relations as right-wing. It's pretty much the US equivalent of Chatham House, founded to guide debate on foreign policy and its bias is towards international engagement rather than crude isolationism, but it's work hasn't the direct political motivation or affiliation of even the best of the Washington lobby group and movement think-tanks.


    I take your point, Peter. But I think it would be seen as right wing by the standards of UK and European mainstream commentary.
    I've not met your blog before, and am glad to have been introduced to it by your comment. And good to have an Irish perspective, too. Thanks.

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