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    "There was no organized participation by the legions of Respect and the Stop the War coalition."

    Not just yet?


    I'm not sure. They don't usually miss a trick. And the Iranian president found it necessary to issue threats against Islamic groups that don't fall into line. But you probably are right, because the head of Palestinian Hamas made a speech at the Iranian conference. What I'm sure will happen is that there will be an opposing demo if they try and hold another one in London next year.

    Yusuf Smith

    [But you probably are right, because the head of Palestinian Hamas made a speech at the Iranian conference.]

    Let me get this straight - the Israelis let the head of Hamas go to Iran to address the conference?


    Yusuf, as far as I know, the guy is based in Damascus. I'm sure the Israelis would like to prevent him from going anywhere except into Paradise, if they only could.....

    Besides, there clearly are Hamas senior operatives who are able to get in and out of Israel without being caught.


    As i said at the anti-Muslim Harry's Place;

    Why should the comments of Ahmadinejads be played down or alternatively receive trial by media. Why do we not put them into context. Some now think this is fuel for the Iran Anti-nuclear argument, not to mention supporters of the Anti-Islam, Anti-Terror, Anti-Palestine and Pro-Zionist arguments. Arguments by the very same natured people that would report on the Israel bombing whilst avoiding reference to the bombings and oppression of Palestine. It is no secret that many become forgetful when reference is made to the atrocities and oppression caused by Israel! To put it into perspective, bearing in mind recent Palestine/Israeli events, the past 50 years and the “War on Terror”, Ahmadinejad is not saying anything that different to the words and subsequent acts of Bush, Blair and Sharon.


    Sorry, Jamal, but I don't think you are right about the parallels you seek to draw. Bush, Blair and Sharon have not proposed to wipe any nation off the earth. As it happens, Sharon and the leaders of the Palestinian Authority are both signed up to the Road Map agreement to create a Palestinian state.

    And if you read newspapers and listen to the BBC, you will find that there is no shortage of ferocious criticism of Israel.

    As far as I'm concerned, there's no "context" in which calls to wipe Israel off the map can be understood or condoned. I'm sorry you feel the need to be an apologist for such calls.

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