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    I read this too, Judy, with some annoyance. I am one of the people who takes the time and trouble to write and comment on BBC coverage of the Middle East.

    I have been annoyed to receive what are evidently standard letters in response. Needless to say, the Beeb's replies in no way address any of the points which I raise in my letters.

    Now I know why. The BBC have a POLICY of treating me and others like me as "Mrs Trellis of North Wales" - simply as an irritation, our concerns to be brushed off like flies.

    They are SO arrogant!


    Do remember that you can take your complaint further. You can write to the complaints unit and express your dissatisfaction with the response to your complaint, and a demand that it be taken further. Every time you get a brush off answer, refuse to accept it, and ask for it to be taken to the next step up. That's how Malcolm Balen got involved in the originallly rejected complaint about the BBC trail of its programmes.


    Thanks, Judy.

    I'll try that.


    Ahh, but that is how the J Post prefers to reflect on how the BBC responds to complaints. You think they don't do the same with others, ala the MCB's recent tirade against Panorama? Given the amount of complaining the Jewish and Muslim lobby constantly do over anything close to them, I'm not surprised the BBC have to deal with them quickly.


    I hope you do watch the second episode, it seemed much more balanced than the usual BBC anti-Israeli diatribe.
    With regards to regular complainants (?), most organisations take the same view as the BBC, that is that they are antagonistic towards the organisation as a whole rather than the specific topic being complained about. As a regular reader of Biased BBC (a blog I highly recommend) I am aware that the antipathy of its commentors towards the BBC affects their ability to see the positives from its output.

    PS I note you have already linked to BBBC, good for you!


    I'm an American and I wouldn't give the Red Cross a dime... Several years ago we had a naaturl disaster here in Texas, a tornado wiped out a small town in central Texas and the survivors needed help and supplies and they needed them NOW...The Red Cross was on TV crying for donations to help the people in need...At the time, I owned a trucking company and I called the Red Cross and offered them a truck, a trailer and a driver, AT NO CHARGE, I would pay for everything, the fuel, the drivers pay, ALL OF IT, and they could use my 18 wheeler to transport much needed supplies to the effected area...I was told, VERY impolitely, "We don't NEED you or your truck, all we NEED is your money, if you can't make a financial donation, we don't need you..."Since that day, I have NEVER given ANYTHING to the American Red Cross or any cause that they support...We all do what we can to help our fellow man and there are MANY other good organizations I CAN help...

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