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    Britain is doomed anyway. She will be Islamic within 40 - 50 years.


    I don't think so, Ripper...


    I was at the vigil. It was very dignified, well done to the organisers. There will be those who will accuse us of minimising the tragic death of a young woman but that was not the theme at all: it was a vigil for 8 of the Israeli Rachels murdered by suicide bombers, contrasted with Rachel Corrie's death which was a tragic accident. The theatre holds 1400 but there were less than 300 in the audience. It was great to see 'Anglicans for Israel' in the vigil too.

    Steve Macklevore

    Rachel Corrie was murdered by the Israeli Army, which has also murdered thousands of innocent Palestinian Arab people.

    When will Israel and its supporters ever acknowledge this fact? Why are you in permanent denial?

    - Steve


    I can't believe you people!! Is it a crime to feel sorry for anyone esle besides the Israelis or Jews? IT is because of actions like this, that the minds and hearts of Arabs and muslims indeed, hearden towards the victims killed in Israel. WE die with your humiliation, forget about living in any dignity, atleast let us mourn the death of a few that weren't even from our lands in peace, without your pathetic demonstration!! The bulldozer that killed Rachel Corrie had a driver behind its mechanisms, this was a targetted killing, not a freak accident. The Rachels that died due to the suicide bombs, were unsuspecting victims, the suicide bomber didn't go and look for the girl named "Rachel" and then blew up. If it wasn't Rachel, it would have been Lisa, Liam, or Rola. The targets of the bomb were random, the point being enforced. But the death of Rachel was no accident, it wasn't even a random target. It wasn't as if the driver of the buldozer was blind, or had limited vision, or went blind for those exact few moments when he was trying to demolish some poor Palestinian family's house. There was a targetted intent to this killing as well, only the weapon of choice was more specific, and didn't kill the murderer as well.

    If you think it is legitimate to oppose this mourning and commemoration, by inciting remembrance for the other "Rachels" who were also killed (implying that we should not only remember this one Rachel), then it is illegitimate for you to mourn your own victims (the other "children") without mourning for the Palestinian children who died, because clearly you either don't see any difference between the deaths of the lives on the Palestinian side and the Israeli side, or you think that the deaths for the cause of Palestine are worthless compared to the Israeli lives. Which is it? Because there is definitely a difference between the deaths of the Palestinians and their supporters and the deaths of the Israeli Jews. One dies by the military infiltration and high-tech weaponry, the other dies of a suicide bomber who has the minimum of resources. One dies of state-terrorism, the other dies of individual terrorism. Which is more horrific, more sustained and more organised? What do you think about the deomnstration now?


    AK: You are missing the point, but my question is, are you doing so deliberately? Or do you truly not get it? Let me provide some edification: that these other girls are also called "Rachel" is highlighted for the deeper meaning of: What happened to the sympathy for those killed by suicide bombers?" Your sad little argument about the suicide bombing victims being called Rachel or Lisa or whatever else, or that "the targets of the bombings being random, the point being enforced" leads me to the fervent desire that you never attain any position with any sort of power or influence whatsoever, because you obviously believe random bombings in pizza parlors or city buses is perfectly ok. You scare me, dude. But what frightens me more is that you might have children. God help them.

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