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    I'm glad we got the same sense of humour, Judy! Love //Imaan


    I think Amir Peretz sounds like a good bet. I don't know a lot about him, but I hear that he is a progressive and a Mizrahi to boot! A non-Ashkenazi leader of the Labour Party! Maybe he could pry away some Misrahi or Sephardic voters from the Likud. And if he has star power, all the better. Domestically for Labour, but also abroad for Israel. I think Israel is badly in need of representatives with charisma.


    Wikipedia does need some quality control!
    I love this part of the Stakhanovite entry:
    " Despite the fact that the Soviet authorities often falsified the actual statistics, the Soviet people showed unprecedented enthusiasm and firm belief in their own ability to make a difference and contribute as much as possible to the cause of socialist re-organization of the Soviet economy."


    Mazel tov on your 100th post!

    I don't know that I would characterize myself as a member of the left, although I did once count myself as one of them.

    The issue of how Rabin should be remembered has finally cropped up in public debate after 10 years. A lot of people, from the right and the center are finally speaking out about how Peace Now and other groups appropriated the assassination to turn Rabin's legacy into something a lot more left-wingy than he would have liked.

    It'll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

    Yusuf Smith

    [Oh, work is the curse of tbe blogging classes.]

    I know what you mean ... when I'm working I think of so many blog posts I'd like to write, and when I get home, I'm too tired. (My work is usually driving trucks.) Then again, a lot of them are whinges about the jobsworths I meet during the course of the day, so they are better off not being posted, but I often get people asking me when I'm going to update after I've left it two or three days. (Right now, no link due to hosting problems. Message to all aspiring bloggers: find a host which appears aware of bloggers' needs and will not down your whole site due to one spam attack.)


    Yusuf-- it's wonderful that people value your contribution so much that they call you up and ask for more after two or three days.

    I'd find it interesting to read about your jobsworths, and the joys of driving trucks...

    Yusuf Smith

    Well, I don't know how much they value them, but I generally update at least once a day when I have the time, even if it's just with a link to an interesting story. So when I leave it for a couple of days or more, they wonder what's happened to me. (When the bombings happened, one of my American readers actually sent me her mobile number and asked me to call her in Tennessee and tell her I was OK.)

    When my site is back up, check out the category "Road Life", in which I've written quite a bit about the subject.

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