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    Mr. Toameh gave a talk in Philadelphia about a week ago
    and this blog reported it:
    "The journalist returns"

    ""I don't trust any of these Abus," he said. "And if Condoleeza Rice does, that's her problem."

    Yes. But. and also Israeli citizen's problem thanks to her.

    "It doesn't help for Rice to applaud the PA's cessation of anti-Israel incitement when the same day their own government controlled newspapers are full of virulent examples of such incitement. There have been no reforms of the security services, no reforms of corruption, no decrease in incitement. And yet the White House pretends otherwise. To what end? "

    "But legislators said that neither the PA Interior Ministry nor the Finance Ministry could confirm the identities of those on the payroll. They said up to 25 percent of the 60,000 officers were either fictitious or no longer worked for the security forces. PLC Economic Committee chairman Azmi Shueibi said $350 million has been channeled every month to pay the salaries of a reported 60,000 PA security personnel."


    Judy, the tendentious anti-Israel "reporting" of AP and Reuters continues unabated. When I open my internet browser the first place it goes is the home page of (as opposed to Yahoo's home page has a little newsbox consisting of headlines from AP, Reuters and AFP newsfeeds. So I see lots of AP and Reuters headlines, which already in themselves are often formulated in a highly misleading way. The texts of their stories likewise. Yahoo of course writes neither the headlines nor the texts but it does choose which headlines get onto its front page, and obviously the people doing this at Yahoo hate Israel as much as the staff of AP and Reuters. Over the weekend there was a nice little flurry of AP headlines, all from the AP chap in Gaza, a certain Ibrahim Barzak, writing exuberantly about, for example, how the "Palestinians have opened the Gaza-Egypt border" (no mention that that was actually Israel's decision). It's actually amazing how slanted the newswires' are, given the role they play in the international "news" industry. Zionists are in control of the media? Honest Reporting is important. They seem a little right-wing for my taste, but their actual work is very good (just as Engage is too left-wing for me but their actual work is good, too).

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