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    "Or is it that the western media are only interested in Palestinian suffering if the perpetrators can be shown to be Israelis?"

    Lets stop the pretence here. A small portion of Israeli on palestinien violence and slaughter is shown. The Palestiniens have not got to their backward and oppressed position on their own. The biggest threat to the was, is and will be Israel.


    Even if your assertion about Israeli violence and slaughter was true, which I contest, that would not be a reason for ignoring what is going on in Gaza. If the Palestinian Centre on Human Rights and the JMCC can recognise and criticise the abuses being perpetrated by PA security force members, without feeling the need to say that the biggest threat is Israel, then that's good enough for me. By the way, I think your blog's picture of a Christian girl beheaded by Islamist terrorists in Indonesia is too horrific for display. Would it not be more respectful to her and her parents not to display the desecration of her body as you do?


    Perhaps, Jamal, you'd like to comment on the increasing phenomenon of Christian Palestinians fleeing the PA for sanctuary in ... Israel, where their right to live and worship in peace is protected by law in a way that it has not been by the PA for some years now.

    Steve M

    Judy, thanks for another most interesting thread. I must admit that I don't understand the current motivations of the PA but I'm very interested by the complex relationships between Israel, the PA and Hamas & its sponsors.

    Jamal, I've commented recently on the naive, ill-considered and one-sided writings on your blog. You should read these comments if you're interested in losing your atrocious ignorance of historical events -

    Also, publishing that picture is an awful thing to do. Why don't you lose it?

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