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    The late Emil Habibi, an Israeli Arab who was a writer and Knesset member, coined a wonderful term: the opsimist. And opsimist is an optimistic pessimist (or a pessimistic optimist), and that is how I feel regarding the Jordanian response to the Amman suicide bombings. Actually, that's the way I feel about the Middle East in general.

    Everywhere I look, I read reasonable and pro-peace articles and blog posts by Arabs. And everywhere I look, I read hate-filled screeds. My face-to-face encounters with ordinary people are so often incredibly gratifying, but then I receive emails from the haters.

    I don't know what to think anymore. Will the good guys win? I hope so. Your post put me in a "glass half full" mood tonight. That's a good thing (a very good thing) in case you were wondering.

    Thanks so much, Judy, for your thoughtful observations and for bringing these photos and blog posts to a wider audience.


    Lisa, I reckon I must be an opsimist too. And yes, that's exactly how I feel about the Middle East too. Actually, my optimism is centred on this new young generation-- they seem to be all under 25. Because so much less of the hate seems to be coming from them.

    I actually feel more optimistic about the rest of the Middle East than I do about the Palestinian sphere, but it's quite possible for it all to change quite quickly.

    So maybe the glass is almost three quarters full? But I have to say I have a terrible track record of knocking glasses full of wine over....

    And thanks for your positive and as always well informed response.


    Thank you for including this on your site Judy! I am doing an all-too-short series of lessons with my blissfully ignorant 13-14 year olds about the Israel/Palestinian/Arab countries thing, and I hope to recommend their looking at yours and Lena's blog to get some sense of perspective and hope!


    Huldah, I'd be very interested to know if your 13-14 year olds respond positively, and what their take on Lina's blog and mine is.

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