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    numbers were swollen with Christian and Muslim bedouins

    a. That's the first I've heard of Christian Bedouins.

    b. If I am not very mistaken, most Jordanians are Bedouins, so who else did she expect to find in these demonstrations?


    Are you sure that article is really by Yvonne Ridley? It isn't on her website.


    There are Christian Bedouins in Israel too. Some are scouts in the IDF.

    The photos could be of 'government lackeys' rather than Jordanian troops.


    Are you sure they are both Bedouin and Christian? Have you actually met any Bedouin Christians?


    I love the idea of those teenage girls and boys being government lackeys. Perhaps you could read what Lina had to say on the night of the bombing and ask yourself if this is what you think a government lackey writes like.

    As for the veracity of the Yvonne Ridley article, I've so far seen no evidence that it isn't her work or that the links are fake And I have also seen nothing to contradict the report that she has now been fired by Al Jazeera. What she says is not hugely different from what Galloway says when he speaks in Syria.

    Geoffrey MG

    She proves again that the people seriously smearing the image of Islam are the radical Islamists and their apologists.

    As for her comment: One Saudi, Indonesian and three Chinese intelligence officers were also wiped out. Shame, but those who live by the sword ...? perhaps the sick beastie is just demented enough to assume an Indonesian jazz musician is an 'enemy' agent.

    Or is it evidence of the professionalism of an Islamist journalist?

    "[Kyodo news] Bassist Perry Pattiselanno was killed in Wednesday night's synchronized attacks while performing on stage at the Grand Hyatt Hotel with a jazz singer and a pianist, also Indonesians, who were injured.

    "According to the Indonesian Embassy in Amman, Pattiselanno, 55, had been performing for just 10 minutes when the bombing occurred. He was killed instantly on the stage while holding his bass."

    "[All About Jaz Forum] The bombing in Jordan took the life of an old friend of mine Perry Pattiselano, a very talented Indonesian Jazz bassist. He's the fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. Pattiselano. His two other brothers are also prominent Jazz musicians in Indonesia. Oele, a guitarist who I labeled Indonesia's Wes Montgomery years ago, and Jackie, a fine modern drummer. Together they're known as Pattiselano Brothers, the best rhythm section anyone can expect to play with when they're in Indonesia."

    RIP Perry. 'Justified' victim of Yvonne Ridley's 'holy warriors'.


    You know, I read this stuff (and other irritating stuff, like this: and I'm just floored. I know I shouldn't be, but I am - everytime. What is *wrong* with that woman? Does she really expect that any sane person will respect her opinion when she writes nonsense like the article you cite?


    Lisa, she expects people who know that the world is secretly run by the Jews and that the US is the source of all evil to respect her opinions, because they confirm their worldview.

    What has been consistenly surprising me since September 2001 is just how many people know that the world is secretly run by the Jews and that the US is the source of all evil. Until that I had thought that this is the realm of various mixed nuts, like Ms. Ridley. Now I realize that the man on the street is much more likely to think so than not.


    This woman is seriously stupid. When I think of all the would-be journalists out there who never get a byline... It seems strange that The Sunday Express couldn´t find anyone better, anyone more sane!


    Lisa, this blog is not called Adloyada for nothing....sanity isn't really into the particular wing of Islamism she's now into. But would you believe she used to be married to an Israeli (probably a security agent) and before that she was married to a Palestinian Fatah leader?

    I've been finding out more about Ms Ridley, and I'll try and find time to post about it.

    Joanne-- if you knew the Sunday Express (or any of our Sunday tabloid press) you wouldn't be that surprised.

    The thing to reflect on is the fact that she was Respect's Parliamentary candidate for Leicester South, one of the largest Muslim minority constituencies in the UK in the recent elections. She came third in the poll and got 6.4% only of the vote.

    But George Galloway who really does express similar views *won* Bethnal Green from a black Jewish woman MP. And he's a member of Parliament paid a whacking great salary and lots of expenses to spread his bile around.

    Eli Tabori

    There are no Christian Beduins. This is a figment of her imagination or of her Souk source. The beduin trackers in the Israeli army are Muslims like most beduins. The lady is a "nutter" but a vicious one.

    Lynne Teperman

    Ms. Ridley no doubt fancies herself the female equivalent of Lawrence of Arabia, perhaps without the homosexual tendencies.

    Robert Stevens

    For the record:

    was posted from

    But, unlike Harry who didn't expand upon my post, I must give credit to for posting photos that disproved Ridley's charge that the Amman protests were papered by Abdullah and Jordanian intelligence.

    As to the question of the veracity of Ridley's "Something Rather Repugnant" (because it appeared nowhere else other than the Tajdeed listerv) don't doubt it was hers.

    Just Google the terms "Yvonne Ridley" AND Tajdeed.

    Got to go now, Lieberman is in the Situation Room.




    Yvonne Ridley needs deprogramming! Does she not realize that al-Zarqawi is the Pol Pot of Islamism?

    Incidentally, who's protecting al-Zarqawi? I'd expect that both the Americans and the Iraqi resistance would want him dead.


    Yes, there are Christian bedouins:


    I remember when Yvonne Ridley was interviewed after having been freed by the Taliban. I found her persona rather disconcerting. The 'vibe' I got about her was confirmed when she was asked: "Do you know what became of your two [Afghan] guides?".

    All she said was:

    "They knew the risks they were taking".

    Somehow, it came as no suprise to me that this woman has come to align herself with the greatest evil since Adolf Hitler.


    There are many Muslims who are very disturbed by Yvonne Ridley. Here is a sample of one blog:

    Indeed, one of the reasons I find hermeneutics so compelling is because experience has taught me the kind of person you are has a powerful influence on how you interpret a text, and also on the way you live your religion. How often is it assumed that 'Qur'an maketh the Muslim', when it is equally if not more true that a 'Muslim maketh the Qur'an'.

    A donkey reading stories will always consider incidents involving straw and carrots to be the most significant.

    I think the most persuasive evidence for this is in the negative. Take Yvonne Ridley. Watching her on the Islam Channel, and in the far from self-effacing BBC documentary on her life after conversion, she seems to me to be very much the moralistic and populist Sunday Express journalist she always was, but now just sober and Muslim.

    Although it saddens me to say this, I find it regrettable that someone as tawdry as Ridley should find such a ready platform in the British Muslim community. Hosting The Agenda on the Islam Channel, the only way she can blunt her bleachy tabloid attitude is to mimic a soporific South Asian middle class refulgence. In effect, she has become a tabloid journalist gone-native-Pakistani gone-native-Muslim. TV from a twice veneered tabloid hack.

    This might seem like a unworthy and cutting attack, but I fear many Muslims - myself included - look too much towards sanctimonious serenity and uptight puritanical cant as models of what makes a ‘good Muslim’. One is a pose and the other zealotry.

    Following platform speaking heroes, some of whom arrogantly describe their own blunt-mouthed battering of their opponents as ‘jihad’ and equate their own cyberactivism with Quranic epics, is surely a mistake. Muhammad (aws) worked tirelessly, courageously and humbly to convince his opponents to follow the message he was sent to deliver, only to be forced into exile for the safety of those who followed him. The Qur’an may have condemned the most insidious, but even as he returned to Makkah, the Prophet (aws) forgave his enemies.


    Quit attacking Ms. Ridley ad hominem. If you disagree with her writing, leave it at that. Don't go lower yourself with personal attacks. I met her a few months ago, and she was the nicest lady, and I have a great deal of respect for her.


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