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    What's clear from all this is that Ahmadinejad far from being the unsophisticated ranter that some of the liberal left would like to paint him, is an astute political animal. He seems to have sensed a political moment when the destruction of the State of Israel will be received with joy by the armed terrorists, AND when other 'respectable' commentators from the free world who ought to know better, are not-so-secretly opining that it would have been better for the world had Israel never come into existence.

    Our leaders do not inspire confidence. There is some public spluttering at Ahmadinajad's annihilatory call, but one feels instinctively that they, like the weasel wing of the Christian Church, are quietly meeting with and arranging things with Hezbollah et al behind the world's back.

    So what could be the outcome? Try this one for size. An agreement between Israel and, say, the UN or the EU that a non-Jewish State of Israel continues to exist, and its Jewish citizens and way of life are protected but under UN/EU mandate and only with the agreement of its Arab neighbours.

    All in the name of peace in the Middle East of course.


    For more information on the Weasel Wing of the Christians see here.

    Seems a long address. Hope link works!

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