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    Don't you mean Liam Fox. Judy?


    You are spot on. The BBC controlled the narrative with the subject, the spokespeople and the selection of facts.


    What a surprise that we can't access the blog. I tried at work and now at home and have failed to connect both times.
    A pity the BBC can't show such diligent self-censorship with some its more ridiculous on line news content.



    I have been able to access my blog entry on the R4 Today website via this URL:

    They are archiving each day's entry, and they put up both my blog entries-- one before and one after the actual slot.

    Let me know if you can reach it via that URL.


    Interesting that Tim Ireland's blog on day 3 is blindly parroting the standard party line:

    the terms under which we the people get to have a say about this <\i>(the EU) have been shaped not by the elected government of the day, but by media owner Rupert Murdoch.

    As a candidate, the European Union serves primarily as a clear example that allows us toput the following alternative candidates in their correct order:

    1. The Media
    2. The Government
    3. The People

    He obviously didn't hear (or think) about Amanda Platell's comment.

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