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    Melissa Keleti


    I live in Philadelphia and a friend of mine wants to put his menorah in front of his house in one of those boxes.

    Any suggestion on how to acquire such a box in this part of the world?


    Unfortunately, I'm not able to think of any way to help you locate a glass box chanukiah in Philadelphia or elsewhere in the US.

    I have seen glass box chanukiot on sale in large orthodox Judaica stores in the UK -- but the ones I saw were not hand crafted like mine. However, once lit, you would still get the beautiful effect you see in the Jerusalem pictures. Many of the ones I saw on houses in the Old City were also modern mass produced ones

    So I would suggest your friend starts by going to the biggest Judaica stores in Philadelphia with a printout of this post so they can see what he is looking for. They may be able to advise even if they don't stock one.

    The most straightforward way is probably to find someone who will be in Jerusalem over the period before or during Chanukah and get them to buy and bring one back for you. I bought mine from a storefront stall in the main square of Mea Shearim. But there is a craft brass Judaica maker who has a workshop on Yoel Solomon Street. I think he is actually the maker of my box, because the work I have seen of his is in a very similar style.

    I hope your friend gets one. Mine gives me huge pleasure and pride and it really beautifies the festival, plus I do use it as a festive lantern for outdoor candles for very special celebrations.


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