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    I wanted to hear the discussion, but I couldn't get the link to load. I just found your blog. It's great! So were you a representative of the blogger community or are you usually on this show? I wanted to tell you how it was interesting what you reported about the show in your other post about Tony Blair and the Iraq Syndrome. For me, Iraq and Blair's decision to support it and for him to have this attitude of putting history behind him is what I think of when I think of him. He doesn't seem to give much of a care about culture or domestic issues but seems to want to be progressive and jet-stream Britain towards the future and globalization and all that stuff. Maybe in a way, that is Britain's imperialistic history repeating itself. There is no distinct British culture because so many cultures were absorbed and Englishness in turn has been absorbed by other cultures in creating the Empire. This is great because there are so many dialects in the language and now there's more than one way to play cricket, but it also has it's disadvantages. The theme of the show is a good question: who runs Britain? Wish I coulda heard it.

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