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    Having now heard some of the conversation, I can see that you were spot on with your predictions. But then again, it wasn't too difficult to predict, as I'm sure you will agree.

    Also predictably, they are all highly supportive of the BBC.


    Oh, and Piers Morgan looks back with great pride at his publication of fake photographs.

    Back slapping all round!


    The BBC

    The media not only shapes our perceptions of the world by giving us “front-row seats” at those events the reporters and journalists choose important but also tell us what to think about those events. Take for example the (quite humorous) skit before this programme. The skit more than suggested that George Bush runs Britain and thinks he does so on God’s behalf. The BBC often reinforces this message by giving more than adequate air time to people who (in all seriousness) hold similar opinions albeit far more obliquely expressed.

    And the BBC is arguably the most prestigious news outlet in the world. It is listened and watched the world over; its Internet is sited on academic research; and (perhaps most importantly) it is widely perceived to contain impartial and quality programming. That is why when this very powerful entity, which arguably shapes the image the world has of itself, betrays the trust the world has in it by being less than impartial and less than quality, it is really quite a big deal not just for Britons who pay the license fee but for everyone.

    Perhaps the BBC do not “run” the world in the sense that they tell us what to do; but every morning when I (in the US) tune into the National Public Radio, I listen to the BBC, and am told what is important in this world; what is not; and what I should think of these issues.

    Certainly the evidence Today’s programme presented today would support this view. They point out that the Sun supported Blair’s legislation and that this legislation lost. The BBC of course took a very different stance on the same legislation—and the BBC prevailed. It is thus arguable that the BBC has quite a bit more power than a mere Murdoch.

    But now I am off to bed. After all, I must gird myself to listen to how Murdoch’s Sun runs Britain—tomorrow morning in Califonia.

    Graham Campbell

    If as you may have suggested Rupert Murdoch believes he Runs the UK via Jewish Media Interests, it is with Mr Murdoch that One would need to Engage in Dialogue to Immediately beEnabled to Implement Change and Changes.

    In the Final Analysis, Imagination Runs Everything and to Channel Imagination into Programs gives Vision in what we See.

    Collective Mutual Sight Projected.......and shown also as Media.


    "Because their argument might well be that Murdoch actually controls Blair's agenda."

    Then I suppose the Fox News revolving headline indicates that the Saudi prince controlls Murdoch:

    "considering the Prince’s December 5, 2005 statement given to Middle East Online regarding his ability to change what viewers see on Fox News. Covering the riots in Paris last November, Fox ran a banner saying: "Muslim riots." Bin Talal was not happy. "I picked up the phone and called Murdoch... (and told him) these are not Muslim riots, these are riots out of poverty," he said. "Within 30 minutes, the title was changed from Muslim riots to civil riots."

    Then again it seems that their "control" goes deeper than simple headlines but into moulding British public opinion:

    "Using the British libel laws, which are pro-plaintiff, Khalid bin Mahfouz has sued, or threatened to sue, more than 30 publishers and authors, including Dr. Ehrenfeld. These lawsuits served to chill media reports naming individual Saudis involved in financing terrorist organizations."


    The big problem is they've eletecd a twat as leader of the Labour Party. The c@@t Eaton boy Cameron can smugly ignore Labour's snipping because he knows they can't get back into government with that bossed eye wanker Miliband. Michael Foot was more credible as a leader of the Labour Party than he is.

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