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    Oy, sorry to hear about a pretty nightmarish homecoming: I thought I had it bad but at least I got my bag back in the same condition, albeit two days late!

    Please G-d your mother and your cat make a full recovery.


    And your foot, Judy!

    Good to have you back.


    Meanwhile, I made a meal of getting back.

    Isn't that the understatement of the year? Sorry to hear you had such a bad time.

    It was lovely seeing you.


    This of it this way: it's good to be needed.

    Ummmm.... now that you've got your get you cat to the vet - why not have a doctor look at that foot?

    Don Radlauer

    Ouch - it's very unfair of life to have dumped that many crises on you at once.

    Remember to get the foot fixed before using it to kick El Al in the arse!

    I'm sending good thoughts your way. Next time you're here, we'll definitely have to get together!

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