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    David T

    John Reid, the secretary of RESPECT, is a signatory to the Second Cairo Conference Declaration, which included this statement:

    Participants in the 2nd Cairo conference stress that the occupation of also part of the Zionist plan, which targets the establishment of the greater State of Israel from to [sic] Nile to Euphrates...

    I believe that George Galloway and Tony Benn signed up to this as well.


    Keep up the good work.
    it makes me so sick when I hear of all these idiots who try to say the Holocaust didn't happen. Of course if the BBC had their way they would ensure that, that message was the only message.


    Oh no, heaven forbid! The BBC doesn't have a position on it! It simply reports both sides, don't you know. All viewpoints are equally valid. (Well, except right-wing or Jewish ones, of course.)


    Personally I am not so sure that there is such a significant difference between Hamas and Fatah. In some respects it is easier to deal with a group that is so open about their hatred.


    Could that "Zioniut" be "Zionanut"?

    It would then be a play on the word "onanut" - the original Hebrew version of "Onanism".

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