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    Interesting round-up. Its high time we started seeing all this global unrest not as a conflict of East vs West, or Islam vs the West, but as Moderates vs Fundamentalists. As Simon Schama put it: "militant theocracy against the tolerant Enlightenment."

    Martin Morgan

    The official Iranian news agency IRNA gives the game away in Persian but censors itself in English:

    Iranian leader says "blood-sucking Zionists" holding Europe prisoner

    Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinezhad has described the leaders of those European countries who have defended the publication of the controversial cartoons as hypocrites and prisoners of "blood-sucking Zionists".

    The president's remarks were published by the website of the Iranian official news agency IRNA in its Persian-language section, but not apparently in its English service.

    IRNA's Persian service quoted Ahmadinezhad as saying, while referring to the leaders of those countries who had justified the "insults" of the cartoons on the grounds of freedom of expression: "You are prisoners of a bunch of blood-sucking Zionists. Otherwise, if there was freedom of expression in your countries, you would have allowed expressions about the rights of the Palestinians."

    In its English service, IRNA on 6 February reported the president as telling a book awards ceremony that those who resorted to "desecration of sanctities and tarnishing the illuminating domain of the prophets" had "embarked on retrospective path of ignorance and misery of the dark medieval style reactionaries."

    Source: IRNA website, Tehran, in Persian 6 Feb 06

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