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    The persistent pattern in Europe is denial. Europeans generally deny the existence of a Muslim revival revolution taking place on Europe's soil. Europeans generally deny the state sponsored Antisemitism that issues from the EU in its effort to maintain cozy relations with Arab regimes. Europeans generally deny that Muslims are attacking Jews and other to advance Muslim causes, namely, the Islamic revival revolution.

    Now, for an interesting take on the reverse side of what is occuring - where Europe is a danger to Muslims -, see this article in The Boston Globe:

    Mr. Greenway also makes good points, one about which Europeans ought to be concerned in connection with the likely backlash against the revolutionary Islamic revival movement.


    For some reason, the Globe op-ed piece page did not copy into my last comment. I'll try again.


    Jewish and non-jewish organisations have issued a call for a big demonstration next Sunday in Paris. The French do care about this tragic event.

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