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    Excellent post. The bottom line is that anti-Semitism is prevalent in France - and ingrained so much in some people's minds that they don't even recognize it when they come across it.


    See the link for a text in French about this "barbarian" affair.
    Congratulations for your work.

    Joseph McNulty

    French antisemitism does not explain his horrific injuries. They can only by explained by reference to Islamism, in which the life of a Jew (or Christian or any infidel for that matter) is little better than an dog's. Not only did they attempt to ransom him, like any criminal gang seeking profit, they also tortured him, which makes sense only in terms of Islamism. I understand that they put their cigarettes out by rubbing them on his skin only because he was a "dirty Jew." Like the Nazis, they considered their victim to be subhuman because he was a Jew. That explains the cruelty towards a helpless victim. In the end, it does not matter when the antisemitism originated. Nazism and Islamism are two peas in the same pod and have been for many years.


    Excuse me, I'm sure that you are very well intentioned but I stopped reading after

    "That's because the Front Nationale and the ultra-nationalist Movement for France (MPF) are participating. And they have been using the Halimi murder to push their anti-Muslim, anti-immigration agenda:

    On Friday, the anti-racism organization MRAP"

    That someone woudl refuse to walk alongside Jean Marie Le Pen is understandable. His record on what he feels about jews is mixed. Philippe de Villiers MPF party is not at all what you are portraying it to be. Just because he doesn't like the islamisation of France does not make him an extremist.

    The MRAP (spelled MARP in your text) is an islamist organuisation close to the Muslim Brotherhood, which uses anti racism as a vehicle to expand islam in France.

    Please don't think that Philippe de Villiers is some kind of French Nick Griffin.




    The other aspect has been the complete demonization of Jews and Israel by the media for decades. More exactly since 1967 when De Gaulle reoriented French diplomacy towards favoring Arabs and started a purge of Isreal sympathisers in the media and military. Also since then the French media have been heavily infiltrated by people coming from teh far left who tend to ahte Israel.

    It is a French TV who produced the fake "Mohammed al Dhurra" death reportage. And when you read French media it would seem no evil is perpetrated in the world but the one against Palestinians. Palestinian murders against Isrealis? Don't exist. Palestinian atrocities against their own or in Lebanon? Don't exist. Genocide in Soudan? Doesn't exist.

    And this you have Dieudonné (a black comedian) who between two wheanings about white (western) crimes against blacks, never miss an occasion to drop a tear about poooooooor Palestinians and his show reeks anti-semitism of near genoidiacl proportions (in fact only the fear of judicial retribution bars him of openly disclosing his mind). But this activist of "blackism" never tells a word about slavery in Soudan and the genocide aginst black poulations.

    Fofana is only the product of four decades of media branch washing and of Dieudonné drivel.
    BTW, many lamposts in Bagneux the city where Fofana lived have sticks of "Urgence Palestine" the list headed by Dieudonné for the past. european elections. Bagneux is also a communist-controlled city meaning that people like Fofana are exposed to lots of pro-palestinian propaganda. And of course none about Soudan, a cause who never interested the communists.


    That's because the Front Nationale and the ultra-nationalist Movement for France (MPF) are participating. And they have been using the Halimi murder to push their anti-Muslim, anti-immigration agenda:

    On Friday, the anti-racism organization MARP announced that it would refuse to attend the rally for this reason, charging that both movements were using Halimi's murder to whip up anti-"Muslim sentiment and thereby encouraging racism. The National Front, for instance, described the murder as "the result of 40 years of uncontrolled immigration," while the MPF denounced "the Islamization of France.""

    Sounds like the National Front and the MPF dare to tell the truth. Three cheers for them!

    Love Supreme

    Then there's the Gayssot-Fabius Law criminalising so-called Holocaust denial, instigated by a half-Jew and a communist.

    Just the sort of daft, one-sided illiberal law calculated to foment anti-Jewish feeling.


    The sad reality is that when it comes to looking out for Jews France has a terrible record.

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