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    Steve M

    SimplyJews has an item on their blog which is also interesting. It references an Al Jazeera article headed Hamas to shield fighters.

    In English or Arabic the truth about Hamas will out, particularly as they gain command of the Palestinian security forces, the 'critical point of no return' according to this analysis of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood on the astonishing (must read) All Things beautiful blog.

    yaakov kirschen

    ". . . Renouncing any part of Palestine [i.e. accepting Israel] means renouncing part of the religion."
    I didn't know about that little tidbit.
    I'll use it.
    Dry Bones
    Israel's Political Comic Strip Since 1973


    Hamas...the Muslim Brotherhood's favorite child!!!
    They will never renounce terror. They will never negotiate with Israel in a meaningful way.
    It's in their written covenant! have a nice blog. I'll come back.

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