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    Look I know Jews probably feel very sensitive with matters in France and the way Livingstone behaves looks like he has found new Anti-British friends in extremist Islam now the IRA have become domesticated enough for tea at 10 Downing Street, but.................

    and.........I stress the remember that this man is and always has been a self-serving, self-promoter of the very worst kind more akin to Horatio Bottomley than any effective politician..............he represents noone but a clique of ageing Leftists from the 1970s sustained by apathy and inertia on the part of London voters and the failure to find any serious candidate for the ceremonial post as Mayor of London.

    Do not get angry about his behaviour but do ridicule him because being made to look a fool is not something he can take

    Steve M

    He represents Londoners, Rick. When should we get angry?


    Why angry ?

    Just laugh and humiliate the fool......ridicule will hurt him much more.............

    chevalier de st george

    'that it is good for his public image and electoral prospects if he employs low-level racist abuse against Jews every now and then.'
    Spot On!
    but I would add financial to that.
    His prospects for middle eastern lecture tours with 5 figure fees and first class travel with 5 star accomodation are now secured for his retirement.
    Will his ME star status even outdo Galloway's?
    Perhaps but surely not Jimmy Carter's!



    It seems to me that this "self-serving, self-promoter of the very worst kind" elected by London voters thinks that making a "why don't you go back where you came from" comment to immigrants he doesn't like is no big deal.

    Further more, having discovered that his targets have Jewish blood in their veins he is confident (apparently correctly)that apologising to Iran for having suggested that Jews should live there, will raise hardly any eyebrows at all amongst his "clique of ageing Leftists from the 1970s".

    The problem is that many of those ageing lefties are now in positions of considerable power in, amongst other places, Higher Education, politics and of course, the media.

    Unfortunately for the Jewish community of Britain.

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