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    The worst thing is he seems to feel at ease in those clothes. Someone needs to give him a sharp slap accross the face and tell him to pull himself together.


    Geez. Maybe Brian (witless) Whitaker wasn't so far off with his claims of Charles being an "Islamic Dissident". And who would have thought that Camilla could look even dowdier and frumpier than she normally does.


    Very nice post and blog. I'm American and wish the Queen to live forever. That woman has guts. She is strong and absolutely nothing wrong with her dress. At lease she dresses as a Westerner like she is.

    What happened by the time Charles was born? Sad.

    I have blogrolled your site so I will be back.

    chevalier de st george

    Is this a form of fetichism?
    Are we to see the prince in a burkha next?
    Certainly he comes from a lomg line of distinguished queens.
    Still i thought Lawrence and St John Philby had far more allure in their day.
    Ah- those glorious days F.O fashion in and around Whitehall and all those Silly Walks !


    I think it is far simpler than that. Charles is a man riddled with self-doubt; he has an awful knack of mis-reading people and recruiting some real charlatans as advisers. He married a woman who was living in fairytale land and could not cope with reality.

    He is an ageing heir to a highly-respected monarch - indeed many of the women who have held the throne of England - Elizabeth I, Victoria, and Elizabeth II have been truly magnificient in the way they have run things.

    Charles is un homme manque - he is looking for certainty. Islam provides certainty to the bewildered because it does not require as much self-awareness as Judaeo-Christian belief - it is submersion in the group

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