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    Very good,P.Rimspiel. I was about to congratulate Melanie Phillips on her new appointment. One can but dream, can't one?

    Martin Morgan

    Now, that really would be a chag!
    Best wishes to Malka and Uncle Mort.


    My first thought is April the first is here early this year. I hope you are right.


    So another Purim spiel?
    The first was Naturei Karta (descendents of pigs and apes) rubbing shoulders with Haman's descendents in Teheran, during Purim of all times, on how to get rid of Israel and now another; an attempted palace coup by Queen Ester of the blogs and her privy council?

    Lynne T

    C'mon Judy. This is a Purim prank, isn't it?


    P.Rimshpiel - Mel R Philips?


    Yes, I understand that Charlton Heston is going to do a regular column (ghost-written, of course) for the print edition on the virtues of concealed carry.


    Heh! If only...

    Purim sameach!

    Wimpy Canadian

    This is my first visit and what
    great newd this would be. My
    socialist sister will be distraut
    I hope itstrue.


    What an absurd notion—allowing Jews and Israelis to controll the media dialogue on the Middle East!
    What would Wolf Blitzer say?

    Nachman C

    Ah if every day was Purim. However having read Melanie P's blog on last Thursday's Newsnight piece on the perfidious dual loyalty Jews of the UK I think its time our brothers and sisters in the Uk started packing their bags. In her words it was vicious I would say it was a blood libel of medieval proportions.


    If Melanie really is back in the saddle and all those columnists, or even a fraction of them, are hired, there will no longer be any point in reading the dear old Guardian. The only reason you read the Guardian is to disagree violently with what it says.


    One correction here: As far as I know, Kamm is a man of the left (albeit not far left). He is not a neo-Conservative, in spite of the title of a recent book of his.


    Oops, so this is all a joke. Sounded way unrealistic, come to think of it. I didn't realize Purim was like April Fool's Day. In fact, I didn't even realize it was Purim. I cut a pretty poor figure as a Jew, don't I?



    Most people who are labelled "neoconservative" are true small "l" liberals, like Paul Wolfowitz or David Frum. Until I read an article yesterday by Phyllis Chesler on a speech delivered by Cynthia Ozick to honour the founder of the Partisan Review, I had quite forgotten Norm Podhertz's origins too.


    In point of fact I have heard (on "Harry's Place" etc) of murmerings aganst the appalling Mr Milne.

    If he should be dumped remember you heard it here first.



    There has often been confusion between "liberals" in the classic Adam Smith sense (i.e., for small government, laissez faire economics, etc.) and "Liberals," which in American parlance means support for a welfare state or left-of-center foreign policies.

    Small "l" liberals are not Liberals, they are not on the left in any sense, at least not when it comes to socio-economic policies.

    I remember reading that Kamm did not choose the title of his book, though you'd have to double-check that (sorry, I'm too lazy to). He is on the left, but is for the war in Iraq and for the existence of Israel. There are left-wingers like that. Check out the blog Harry's Place, for instance. Also the American journal called Dissent.


    Well, it's news to me that Polly Toynbee is a "hard left moonbat".

    Try growing up a bit and stop throwing childish catch all phrases about.

    Perhaps you might actually read and consider what people actually say.


    Oliver Kamm does not demur at his book or his writings being classified as "neo-conservative" here:

    and doesn't see advocating a neo-conservative (ie liberal militant interventionist) foreign policy as incompatible with being a social democrat and supporter of the Labour Party. It's part of his thesis that the 1940s and 50s Labour leaders, Attlee and Hugh Gaitskell, were active supporters of such foreign policies.

    He is a founder member of the Henry Jackson society,

    named for US Democratic Senator "Scoop" Jackson, about which Stephen Pollard wrote here,,,2092-1892304_2,00.html

    identifying its relationship to neo-conservatism and Oliver Kamm's book. Perhaps it would have been more precise of me to have described him as a supporter of neo-conservative foreign policies.


    Bemused--if you'd read my post attentively, you'd have noticed that I referred to *The Guardian* as running hard left moonbattery. Amongst the usual suspects I listed were two of the hard left and two of the moonbat, though of course there's often some overlap in their positions.

    In the case of Polly Toynbee, here's a selection of the many blog pieces which pick up her moonbat tendencies:

    and her specialism is the use of inadequately understood statistics to support moonbat positions

    As for growing up, well, at my age, it's probably expecting a lot. Doubt if I'll ever get beyond my present five foot three.


    Sorry, the URLs re Polly Toynbee for the previous comment were truncated by Typepad. Here they are:

    Link 1

    Link 2

    Link 3


    Famously, the Guardian never sacks people which makes it a bit of an anomaly in Fleet Street, where to be sacked is like having a duelling scar... People get put out to funny little paddocks instead, such as 'special reports' and 'surveys'.
    It doesn't seem to sack ideas either, which is probably why you still get the kind of 'left-wing' opinion from the likes of Jonathon Steele that went out in 1972 elsewhere in the UK...

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