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    The World Bank states that the Palestinian economy will contract by 27% if international aid is stopped and that 30% GDP depends on such aid.........................well if they cannot behave themselves - The Times reports that this jail in Jericho was a real Club I think it is time to show these welfare dependants the facts of life and cut off all aid.

    Seamus Milne is a Class A Twerp


    Yes, but he's a class A twerp who's Commentary Editor of the Guardian and uses his position to give platforms to members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas fans, Hiz ut Tahrir and Islamists of even harder persuasion.

    As for the funding, don't count on the EU withdrawing it any time soon.


    This is yet another argument for the proposition that British papers are really political opinion journals, not purveyors of news.


    2000 will always be the number murdered in the refugee camps by the Phalangists because that's the biggest number the lefties can get away with.The Lebanese Army investigation thought 460 and the Israelis themselves who one would have thought might prefer as low a figure as possible nevertheless came up with their own estimate of 700-800. Guardian readers prefer 2000, personally supervised by Sharon just like they have to believe in the 'massacre' at Jenin which didn't happen and the shooting of Mohamed Al-durah which it seems was staged.


    I would not deny that there has been a bit of a shift away from the Palestinians, but it's not confined to the Brits and it may have started several months before Arafat's death, when the buzz was that EU officials in Ramallah were sending PA flacks away with fleas in their ears when they came to cry about house demolitions. One report had a French official quoted as saying that they should come back to complain when they stopped murdering babies in carriages.

    Milne: it's about the [highly orchestrated] Intifida, Stupid!


    With respect, Neal, it isn't that.

    It is perhaps less obvious in the on-line presentation, I agree (and I know the Guardian specifically have had quite an open, public, debate about the challenges of running a dual-media operation) , but in the print form it is quite clear that Milne's musings (if they are worthy of being called such) are an opinion piece, clearly bylined as such. These columns are set apart, physically and in their appearance, from the news sections of the paper. Of course that isn't to say that there aren't valid criticisms to be made of the Grauniad's news coverage, as that of any other organ, but opinion and news are generally kept quite distinct.



    Privyat. Long time since we have conversed.

    My read of the British paper is different from yours. I take the newsreports as editorials. In this, I am comparing the British papers to the somewhat, in my view, more careful journalism of the US and Indian papers.

    It was, after all, the British (and European) papers which thought there was a massacre at Jenin. That position was seen for what it was in major US papers, namely, an accusation which, as was reported from day one of that "massacre," had no corroboration.

    To me, that event distinguished real papers from the editorial rags. The Guardian, which saw only war crimes, not a battle and the other British propaganda papers, such as The Independent and The Times, which saw a massacre. The reporter at the Independent, Phil Reeves, at least had the courtesy of admitting after the fact that he had be in error but even then, his admission was grudging, falling in line with the "war crimes" nonsense.

    In the US, it was dutifully reported that militaries around the world (including, so far as I know, in Britain) saw the Israelis action at Jenin as the paradigm for how correctly and morally to conduct a battle in a civilian area. In fact, the battle is taught in the US as exemplery of urban warfare fought honorably.

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