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    Would Dance Europe treat dancers from China the way they are treating this Israeli dance troupe?

    After all, on the UN's own indicator, Israel is way down from the top of the list of HR offenders, decades of outright declared war and "intifidas" notwithstanding. China, on the other hand, not only brutally suppresses its citizens, but has also occupied Tibet for about 60 years.

    Somewhat off-topic, but I read a story today about a young Muslim girl in India who was invited to join a classic Indian dance troupe, and now her family is being shunned as classic Indian dance is "haram" to Muslims. (I guess only belly dancing is consistent with Muslim concepts of modesty)



    You write: "At the time of the Israeli action in Jenin in 2002, her May 2002 editorial in Dance Europe opined that that the Palestinians cannot be asked to pay for the crimes of the Nazis."

    This form of slander requires an answer. And, it is a slander as it has no basis in fact.

    The evidence unearthed from the German archives shows that Arabs came begging to the Nazis, not the other way around. And, among all who came begging, the leader of the Palestinian cause, the Grand Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, came most of all. And, he was an advocate for the final solution and, as Bernard Lewis notes in his brilliant book Semites and Anti-semites, al-Husseini appears to have known the scale of the massacres being committed at the death camps (i.e. that millions had been massacred), etc. Moreover, he worked very, very hard to prevent Jews from escaping from Europe at all, much less to what is now Israel.

    Now, if there was a case of willing executioners, many who supported the Palestinian cause - including a large number of Palestinians - fit the bill rather well. Fascism was, at the time, a commonly held view among Arabs, including Palestinian Arabs, and such people delighted in an alliance with the Nazis.

    While Arabs may have wanted independence from Britain and France, an excuse can be made for every group which made common cause with the Nazis. What matters is that they were part of the drama - allied with Hitler - about which they now suggest they have no moral responsibility for at all. Nonsense. They are as culpable as Vichy France.

    I should add: Jews lived for more than a millennia under Muslim rule. While the treatment of Jews under Islamic rule was arguably more humane than under Christian rule, that is a comparison, not an absolute statement of how people lived. If one considers how Jews lived from their own perspective - as we would want to live -, their lives were rather desperate and their treatment rather like the apartheid treatment which was South Africa.

    Now, Muslim and Arab ruler and people never contemplated granting anything like equality to Jews. Such was for religious political reasons and such has a lot to do with why the Arab Israeli dispute will likely not be settled in our lifetime -. So, if Arabs do not think they deserve to suffer for the sins of Europeans, they can ask themselves what they had to offer to Jews asked to live under the wings of Arab Muslim rule.

    The best that can be said is that the creation of Israel liberated the Jews of the Arab regions who were reduced to servility or who fled to escape the pogroms that occurred in the wake of Israel's creation. But, the treatment of Jews in the Arab regions is an argument for Israel, not the other way around.


    Nicholas Rowe writes:
    "What a simple list, a little combination of UN 194 and 242 with a little something of my own, yet not a single Israeli artist (and I had badgered quite a few) was willing to accept it. Why not?"
    Option 1: Because Israelis are under the spell of a false consciousness and can't see the simple beauty of Mr Rowe's list.
    Option 2: Because Mr Rowe and his list are indeed simple, in an un-flattering sense of the term.
    "simple: foolish, ignorant, naive, green, gullible, credulous, slow, slow-witted, stupid, thick, simpleminded, feebleminded, oafish, bovine, dense, obtuse, dull, dull-witted, witless, half-witted, brainless, backward, imbecilic, imbecile, thickheaded, moronic, cretinous, dumb."
    -Oxford American Dict. & Thes.

    Which option do people think is closer to the mark?


    "What a simple list, a little combination of UN 194 and 242 with a little something of my own, yet not a single Israeli artist (and I had badgered quite a few) was willing to accept it."

    I thought R 242 stated that Israel has the right to secure and defensible borders. I guess he didn't want to include that part in his "combination."


    Their list of demands reminds me of Communist self-criticism sessions, where each member has to confess their counter-revolutionary thoughts, and then denounce each other for not being sufficiently doctrinaire.

    I am sure these people spent their college years in groups just like that. I remember refugees of the SDS and Weather Underground and radical feminist groups telling harrowing stories of that kind of psychological abuse.



    Europeans just like to forget what UN 242 really says. Yes, secure and defensible is what Israel sought and what the UN agree to. And Lord Caradon said exactly that on the floor of the UN.

    Steve M

    Dance Europe's web site has a comments section where you can post your views. They should at least know that people find this unacceptable.

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