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    There are a few other aspects that have plaeyd a part in the re-rise of Betty White this year and that laid the groundwork for this: first would be her recurring role on The Bold and the Beautiful as Ann Douglas, the mother of principal B B character Stephanie Forrester, a role she plaeyd for more than 20 episodes from 2006 until 2009 (her character died in 2009). There's also her recurring role as Catherine Piper on Boston Legal which she plaeyd from 2005 to 2008. And then there's the parody of and guest appearance on Ugly Betty. It's amazing all that Betty has done to stay relevant, and along with my post a few months back , it's a reminder that social media isn't just a showcase for the young


    So it's come to this: vote for the candidate with the best comeircmal.I guess this 'comeircmal' for the 'Hillary' brand makes it abundantly evident that our government has been hijacked by big business selling a product.Disturbing and disgusting.

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