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    Gharqad Tree

    As a lover of cats, of Christopher Smart, and of Israel, may I wish Pashta all the best in his illness, and may you continue to derive joy and comfort from him in whatever time he has left with you.

    As an Englishman, I've always liked to think that Smart's England-is-the-new-Israel theology was a symptom of his insanity, whilst his poems were the product of his God-given genius.

    Good luck to you, and to Pashta :)

    flora james

    my sincerest best wishes to you and to Pashta


    Feeling for you and Pashta.

    Is there not a vet who can come to your home, when the time comes?


    My heart is with you and Pashta.


    That was a moving post.

    My cat had a touch of kidney disease earlier this year; though he seems better now. But he's getting older in any case, and the disease could come back at any time. So I'm dreading what you are going through.

    Thanks for that poem.

    And best luck to you and Pashta.

    Farouk Patel

    God bless you for the love you have shown your cat. He knows.

    flora james

    I was sad to read about Pashta. I suppose the fact that her life ended as you wished it to end must have been some consolation

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