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    Your post explains in rather clear terms why, during this period of religious revival among Muslims, there can and will be no peace, for Israel or anyone else. I might also note that if you hunt a bit, you will find that HAMAS considers Spain to be no different than Israel. Or, as you quote Sheik Al-Qaradhawi above:

    According to Islam, any land invaded by the enemy, even if it is only a small piece of land - it is the duty of its people to defend it. If they cannot or are remiss in this, it becomes the duty of their neighbors - and so on, until it includes all the Muslims of the world. I believe that the Muslims throughout the world have become responsible for the liberation of [fill in the blank].

    When my children were small, I use to post something called Children's Property Laws on my refrigerator. Among the laws are these: "If I have ever touched it, it is mine." "If it was ever mine, it is mine." "If it is mine, it must never in any way even appear to be yours." We should re-name these laws Al-Qaradhawi Laws of Property.

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